Introducing Moana Transport

Moana Transport is an innovative web-based forwarding and transportation program. Your data is stored on a centralized server so you save the cost of your database server. It is available via the internet from anywhere, either from home, from your office or from another site. Since the system resource requirements are low, even a netbook can be used to run it. The continuous development and upgrade policy allows us to meet the users' needs and the current legal requirements.

With the help of Moana Transport you can

Moana Transport has the following features:

Free Trial

You can try the program free of charge. If you have any problems or questions during the installation or the usage, please read the descriptions on the Web site, view the program's built-in help or contact us.

To run the program:

Click on the setup.exe link and then click Run. (If you are using Internet Explorer.) Please always start the program using this link because this ensures you are always using the latest version.

User:   test
Password:   12345


24 EUR / user / month

The price includes 24/7 access to the servers, new developments and new versions without additional cost and product support via phone or email. Availability: 99%.